One of the first members of Glory Temple in Kampala and the then head usher, traveled about 335 km to Nyanga, Ntungamo District  in western Uganda for business. While there, the Lord spoke to him, “Stacious, start a branch of Glory Temple here.” He obeyed promptly and later called to inform the Senior Pastor about what has happened. The Church is not only doing well but also home to the first GTCC nursery school - Glory Christian Academy.

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The revival in Ssembabule District is spreading very quickly. Within a short time of existence a second branch of GTCC was born in Nyatungo community of this district in western Uganda also led by a lady generously donating a piece of her land for the Church building. A little more investment is urgently required to bring in more souls from this vast harvestfield.


GTCC Rwendezi, Ssembabule started with God’s appointment with two ladies - Winnie and Rosemary in December 2014. Sister Winnie traveled from GTCC Kampala only to be introduced to Sister Rosemary by the leading of the Holy Spirit in this fast developing village. Within a week the Church has taken off with such fire that has lit up even neighboring communities that the local council chairman and other civic leaders attended the foundation laying ceremony of the Church auditorium. The growth of the Church has been very rapid with souls continually being saved, healed and delivered. It has since given birth to another branch in another community.  

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The Kazibas have not really been to Glory Temple in Kampala but had heard a lot about the transforming teachings, the healings, and deliverance  God was unleashing in GTCC Kampala. What did they do? This family not only offered the Church a parcel of land in their hometown, Idudi, but also mainly responsible for the construction! Idudi, is gradually proving to be our gateway to eastern Uganda.


No sooner had the Church in Rwendezi been established than Winnie the apostle heard the Holy Spirit, “Go to Kalagi and start Glory Temple there.” Before the office in Kampala knew about it, a whole bunch of new believers were ready to be water baptized! Today the Kalagi assembly is on fire with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ confronting the powers of darkness and prevalent false prophets and their false doctrine.

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God’s handmaidens are arising in Uganda! Edith gave her life to Christ in GTCC Kampala 2015 and was posted to Hoima by her employers in early 2019. The Holy Spirit started nudging her to start a branch of GTCC; her Resident Pastor in Masooli, Kampala, encouraged her to do it; the Senior Pastor called her to confirm that the thought was from God. Moving from door to door mobilizing for a crusade, GTCC Hoima was born in March 2019 after a successful pre-launch outreach.