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The flagship branch of GTCC was founded in 1998 by Pastor & Mrs. Paul Akoh in a school building. It

was located in a small suburb known as Nyanya in Abuja, Nigeria. Later, our services moved to a hotel in the city center which was a turning point in our ministry because we grew exponentially.

These pictures feature a couple who had experienced the death of a son and several near-death experiences including accidents. The church engaged in prayer for the family and the gave birth to a set of twins. In this picture, they are celebrating with the congregation and dedicating the children to the Lord.

GTCC NGA (2).jpg
Abuja Church (2).jpg
Abuja Church.jpg

Today, we are in the middle of a building project at the FranceLee Estate in Abuja, Nigeria. We launched this construction project last year, to build an independent space that houses all our operations in this branch. We have made leaping progress: we now have the main hall on the ground floor, our offices and a hub for our children on the second floor. We have quite a few things left to accomplish until this project is completely done, such as plastering, painting, furnishing, and much more.

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